betty Hell Hath No Fury Like Betty White Scorned

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

My woman is MAD.

She’s so mad she “can’t stop cussing” about Jesse James and how horrendously he mistreated Sandra Bullock.  Read the whole description of a Golden Girl Gone Gangsta after the jump.

Thanks to PopEater for this scoop:  Betty White, who starred with Sandra Bullock in last summer’s smash ‘The Proposal,’ is very protective when it comes to her friend.

A source close to the Golden Girl tells me, “Betty wants to kick Jesse James’ a**. Betty is furious and just cannot understand why he would be so stupid. He had everything. A beautiful, talented wife who adored him, an amazing daughter that Sandra treats as her own, and he has thrown it all away for some floozy.”

In fact, Betty is so angry her friends tells me she cannot mention Jesse’s name without cursing!

Comments (3)
  1. Rick says:

    I agree with Betty…he’s a frickin’ world class moron. Who would be stupid enough to mess up a relationship with Sandra Bullock?

  2. Rick says:

    What was that garbage at the Oscars with him getting all emotional when she won…what a jerk!

  3. Len R. says:

    Betty White rocks!!! Thanks for sharing Jayn!

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