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Want to get an exclusive inside look at the life of Britney Murphy before she died?  We got the chance to talk with Britney’s former butler on a special Sarah & Vinnie Secret Show!

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Comments (43)
  1. Holy Sugar Shack says:

    omgah – someone please pass me a script for a downer. I’m super spun after listening to Butler madness…

  2. Vickie says:

    Wow! I don’t know when this got posted, but I came upon it after today’s secret show. The Butler has to be telling the truth and how cool that he shared so much inside scoop! LOVED THIS SHOW! Britney rest in peace.

  3. EV says:

    I figured out how to download onto MAC, but won’t let me save it onto desk top. Says contact administrator of podcast. ?? Help, what do I do differently?

    1. Joe says:

      Hey Ev, I’ve been using Firefox (easy free download) then once you open the podcast webpage all you need to do on a MAC is hold the option key down and click on the actual writing Click Here. Downloads to the desktop. Move the files into a folder or directly onto the music folder of your IPOD through Itunes. Once in the music folder you can enjoy the podcasts without pauses in between. Have a great Friday, Joe

      1. EV says:

        Thanks Joe, will try it out.

  4. Stacy says:

    I love that he talked about Ashton tweeting about how nice Sharon was back in 02-03 and twitter wasn’t even around until 06 – 07. Hmm …. I wonder how legit he is.

    1. Erm says:

      ^ Ashton dated her in 2002-03, he tweeted about her mom being cool right after her death.

      “2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine.

      My deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany’s family, her husband, & her amazing mother Sharon.

      see you on the other side kid.”

      1. The Urbane Cultist says:

        Actually, the word Ashton used was the ambigious “amazing”, rather than “nice” or “cool”. It could have a positive or negative interpretation and he may have been deliberately ironic.

    2. Roy says:

      He was talking about Ashton tweeting after Brittney died, not in 02-03.

    3. Lori says:

      Stacy, I was coming on to same the same thing!

  5. S says:

    What an arrogant bore….

  6. Amy says:

    ..I am having a hard tiem believing him…..

  7. Bobauna says:

    I don’t want to know how frantic that guy would be without the pot.

  8. Melissa says:

    Hooman and The Butler…separated at birth?

    1. Tonya says:

      ROFLOL that thought crossed my mind as well. When will Hoo and the Butler have a date?

  9. kelly says:

    I can’t the link for the secret show??? I see the link for the Lounge and the Full Show, but not the Secret Show. Am I missing it somehow?

    1. Webmaster says:

      We are loading those over the weekend. The feed will be available on Monday.

  10. Cait says:

    This guy is full of it. I don’t believe a word he is saying.

  11. Jeff says:

    Not for nothing, but you’d have to be borderline moron level intelligence to believe that putting coffee(SPECIAL OREGON COFFEE) up your rear on any basis whatsoever is beneficial to you. Seriously, if you think that bile works that way, and don’t immediately run away screaming in skepticism the moment someone talks about “toxins in the body”, you’ll buy whatever snake oil the salesman is pitching. Seriously Hooman, you are dumb.

    1. Katt says:

      Hey Jeff, I tried to explain that to Hooman and he got all mad at me for being so negative. The liver isn’t even connected to the colon or the digestive tract and yet he believes he’s getting detoxed. Enemas barely get through the lower large intestine, let alone though the stomach and liver! That Gerson Institute is close to being some sort of cult, and all of the colorectal docs I work with to a one have said that whoever is doing this to their body is not that bright!

  12. tt says:

    If death were not an option, would you:
    a.) have sex with Hooman,
    b.) be filmed in a porno having sex with Hooman,
    c.) be sealed in a room with no air ducts or windows with Hooman’s unwashed self (and he hasn’t brushed his teeth in 2 weeks),
    d.) listen to Hooman name drop for 24 hours with his bad breath 2 inches from your face, or
    e.) be sealed in a room with no air ducts or windows while Hooman gives himself an organic coffee enema?

  13. Linda Joy says:

    I know you’re still having trouble with the subscription to itunes. I have a Zune and use to be able to subscribe to the Secret Show by typing in the URL into the Zune subscribe link. This isn’t working now. It says the RSS feed isn’t formatted correctly, that it needs a RSS2.0 schema. Is this going to be up and running sometime soon? If not how do I download the podcast to my Zune as a podcast. (Right now it keeps downloading as music)

  14. chloe says:

    Any idea of when we can subscribe again?? This is killing my commute- anmd when I download from the site on my phone it gets cut off, I cant rewind etc. I know its a ton of work but can you let us know asap. Thank you System Admin!

    1. Webmaster says:

      Right now they available to manually add to your iTunes but the iTunes Store still hasn’t added the new feeds yet. To manually add:
      1. Open iTunes
      2. Click “Advanced” tab
      3. Click “Subscribe to a Podcast”
      4. Add the podcast URL (

  15. Mendy says:

    where do I find the URL to subscribe to the show?

    1. Kat says:

      Really? Do you read before posting?

  16. pat says:

    This sounded like a bitter EX-employee trying to get as nasty as possible and revenge for being fired.
    Not a lot of credibility in my mind.

  17. Tonya says:

    OMG this Butler guy was soooo annoying. Am I alone on this? lol Good stories but wow..

  18. Tonya says:

    Vegan shoes for Hooman by Toms 🙂

  19. Rhonda Fleming says:

    This is all just so tragic! Too many people die from prescription drug use, and LE fails to go after the doctor’s?! Why are they immune from prosecution?! They are DRUG pushers, prescribe massive amounts of DRUGS, and should be held liable!
    RIP Britt, you are finally HOME!

  20. classalpha says:

    … “the butler” did not reveal much that I didn’t already know… nor was it more than what’s been speculated by myself and other members @ imdb. Jennifer Watkins first reported about Britt’s wreckless use of Rx meds in [Watkins’] 2003 book about the cRapper *Eminem” entitled ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’. In the book, Jenn went into detail about Britt’s faked seizure in Detroit at the Ponchairtrain hotel on New Years Eve. Britt’s use of hyrdrocodone (Vicoprofen) Xanax and Valium was first noted in there as well…

    BTW… I’m the one who first referred to Sharon Murphy as “Mommy Dearest”. Typical thieving “butler: From listening to the vernacular I’d ‘SAY’ the butler stole a lot from me and my posts @ imdb and elsewhere… so get over *it*.

    … regardless, “butler” there also has no ‘CLUE’ about when Britt was (publicity agency) “paired with” Ashton Kutcher. which was in 2002- 2003. And Britt’s two *fiances were *Jeff KWATinetz* 2003/04 & *Joe Macaluso* 2005/06. And the ‘Jordache Junky blind ‘WAS’ originally from Ted Casablanca’s Awful Truth blind vice column NOT from Perez Hilton’s website. As well, durig Her “career”, there were reports of Britt using both cocaine and heroin. *J.KWATinetz ‘WAS’ noted to have used/abused cocaine. There are rumors that the “stolen” tape of Chris Cornell’s wedding in Paris, which both Britt and *KWATinetz attended in 2004, showed Britt using drugs – possibly cocaine, among having included ‘OTHER’ illicit “activities” in *it*. If that’s the case, then it would explain one of the reasons why Britt’s acting “career” started its downturn around 2004… from which it ‘NEVER’ recovered..

    Oh and the hydrocodone cough syrup which “the butler” mention in one of his comments at TMZ wasn’t talked about in this interview.. why? Is is an omission of convenience or something more sinister, like backtracking or covering up the truth?

    Speaking of “the truth”. or lack thereof – butler states that Britt and Sharon had no house guests… but published reports at the time of Britt’s passing say that that Her young cousin Tayebe Pajooh was in LA visiting Britt and Sharon. So how could that be true if they had no house guests? What about Nicole Perna who was Britt’s “official handler” from BWR? Nicole had to have come by the house on a regular basis… why didn’t Nicole or Tayebe take Britt to the ER for the “pneumonia”? What does being an Rx ‘JUNKY’ have to do w/ not getting medical care? ERs everywhere still admit druggies on a regular basis…

    Personally, I don’t believe the Rx’s caused Britt’s Death as much as Her having *a disease* which She did not want to be discovered and also prevented Her from seeking regular medical attention… and that disease I believe was AIDS.

    1. classalpha says:

      … forgive the typos- it’s late…and I’ve had about ten years of dealing w/ Britt Matters under my belt. Google “classalpha” and “Brittany Murphy” and check out anyone of my three Yahoo! Groups for more “Em”fo…

      I knew some of Britt’s old friends from John Burroughs High School, and I met Sharon (and Britt) first in 2003 and last in 2006… which was long before “the butler” came around Britt’s Life… I think I’ve got more Britt “knowlege” than most…

      1. classalpha says:

        … I want to correct some inaccuracies stated by *the buttler”… and the male co-host, “Humus” or whateva his ‘NAME IS’…

        Britt ‘NEVER’ dated *Fred Durst*. *Durst* is/’WAS’ a client of Britt’s *first FAKE *fiance` aka Jeff KWATinetz*. The three of them had lunch in Beverly Hills before Britt became *”Em”gaged to KWATinetz*… that ‘WAS’ all. There ‘WAS’ no “dating’ between Britt and *Durst*…

        … She started on King of the Hill show “Em” 1997 not after ‘Just Married’ (2003). On the Day of Her Passing, Her KOTH co-star Kathy Najimy Tweeted that Britt ‘WAS’ “an Innocent Angel who got “hooked up with wrong people”. So how does THAT *fit in* w/ Britt getting hooked on RXs? It DOESN’T. Kathy’s “wrong people” response is INDICTING of Her either hooking-up w/ *illegal drug users* and/or the WRONG sexual partner(s)… *either of which* obviously caused Her Death. Personally, I put more credibility “Em” Kathy’s ‘WORD’s than the “buttler’s” on *this*…

        … She lost Her ‘Tinkerbell’ gig in summer of 2008… about a year AFTER She “married” *SKUM-jack*.

        … the ‘Jordache Junky’ Blind Vice from Ted Casablanca’s Awful Truth column ‘WAS’ published in October of 2005. Cons”Em”quently in Nov”Em”ber, Britt lost Her long-time manager Joanne Colonna AND She lost Her PR representation from Huvane Baum Halls (HBH) … and on the VERY SAME DAY.

        … the “Hollywood Mogul” ‘WAS’ likely *Jeff KWATinetz*… then CEO of *The Firm*. As much as I despise *him*, I personally DOUBT *he* would want to have stalked Britt, or wanted to have sabotaged Her “career”. IN FACT, Britt stated in the press that She ‘WAS’ still friends with *Jeffrey* after the break up of their fraud-gagement in August of 2004…

        … *Joe Macaluso “played” Britt’s second FAKE fiance`*. She “dated” *Joe* from some time “Em” late 2004, to their “Em”gagement in Dec”Em”ber of 2005 to August 2006 when *it* ‘WAS’ “Em”ded by Britt, as per the WORD’s of *Joe Macaluso’s* cousin @ Perez Hilton’s website.

        … Her *’Across the Hall’ flick* ‘WAS’ “filmed” on the Universal Studios lot… not “Em” Louisiana – THAT ‘WAS’ Her ‘DEADline’ flick*…

        … Nina Bow Trust… is THAT where *SKUM* GOT (*cough*read:”Em”BEZZLED*cough*) the $$$$ to pay off *his* debt$ to *Arturo Globenfeldt*… or did *he* ‘JUST’ WH0RE Britt OUT TO *Arturo* “Em”STEAD?

  21. BettyBlue says:

    First, the autopsy clearly states that an HIV test was done. I don’t think anyone could “pay off” the coroner’s office to hide a positive result.

    Second, classalpha is the local bully on IMDB who has been stalking Brittany online for over ten years. He gets most of his info via gossip sites and insists he knows everything.

    1. classalpha says:

      … STFU *BettyTW@T*.. the only “bullying” is the one *your* DYKE “lover” does 2 *U*. BTW a *SKUMmy* “pay off” 2 *El Coronero Eduardo W.* is EXACTLY WHAT EVERYONE “Em”side ‘SAY’s *HAPPENED*.

      Also *the FRAUDTOPSY “report” m”Em”tions NOTHING ABOUT Her “breast cancer scare” biopsy scars on Her “areolas” which were DOCUMENTED DURING “Em” “Em”terview w/ Britt AND Christina Applegate WERE NOT NOTED… ‘JUST’ AS Her CLEARLY Jaundiced Skin, which DOES NOT GO AWAY AFTER one PASSES, ‘WAS’n’t m”Em”tioned IN *it* EITHER.

      1. classalpha says:

        … so “Em” *conclusion – Britt had HIV/AIDS which *SKUM*&Sharon were TOO “Em”BARASSED TO “reveal” publicly when She ‘WAS’ Still Living… though MANY Of Her “closest friends”/Murphy Family/Tayebe Pajooh KNEW ‘WAS’ *true* but WON’T “reveal” EITHER because they don’t want Britt To Be R”Em””Em”bered *that way*. So Kathy Najimy ‘WAS’ RIGHT… -> “[Brittany] sweetst most talnted angel who got hked up w/ wrng people. we love u brit,”…

        … *that* “said… I Still Love You Forever Too, Brittany…

        … so ‘NUFF SED.

  22. Sue says:

    Listened to this as I was catching up on missed shows–the guy reminds me of nothing so much as every would-be scam artist I’ve met in my life, all the “did you get what I just told you? Wait til you hear the NEXT part! Are you paying attention?” crap, when really he takes an hour to say this was a screwed-up druggie family unit. Wow.

  23. AngelBaby says:

    Being in private service myself – if that’s all Major Domo had to say (having already spoken to the coroner) why break the code of silence?
    Or at all?

  24. The Urbane Cultist says:

    He’s on Twitter…

    1. classalpha says:

      … ya *the BUTTler* – ask *him* about *the RUSSIAN angle* of Britt’s SENSELESS Death “too”… I’m more than certain *the BUTTler* having had “ties” w. *the ultra riche*… probably knew *some RUSSIAN “oligarchs”* “Em” there as well…

      1. classalpha says:

        … *the BUTTler* keeps linking to this page on *his* pathetic Twitter account yet *he* DOESN’T RESPOND to MY *theories* re: *AIDS/HIV/HEP* OR TO *the RUSSIAN angle* & then *he* steals my RIGHTEOUS “vitriol” against *SKUM* & SHREW… PATHETIC.

  25. The Urbane Cultist says:

    You can now avail yourself of his services

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