coffeepot385 Who Makes More Coffee in the Office?

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Women make 3 times more office coffee than men:

This survey took place in Britain, and we’re wondering if the results would be the same here.

-According to research by a coffee brand called Cafedirect, women make 3 TIMES as much coffee and tea for the office every week as men do.

-62% of men admitted that they regularly come up with excuses to AVOID filling the empty pot, including faking meetings and urgent phone calls.

-But don’t feel TOO bad guys: 46% of women admit to making coffee as a way to AVOID work, and 24% say it’s just a cover for sharing office gossip in the kitchen.

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  1. Sue says:

    My last job was on the early morning crew at a restaurant. There was a real difference between the coffee drinkers and the tea drinkers–tea drinkers would have had some at home already, come in, make themselves a new pot, no problem. The coffee drinkers almost never made their own at home, though many had espresso machines and coffee pots of their own; if they could find a shop open that early, they’d get a coffee to go, but once they got to work, it was like they were helpless. All of them would wait for HOURS looking like they were in pain til the waiters came in and made coffee and then they’d run to the pot and just suck it down. All of them knew how to make coffee at the restaurant, I’d seen them do it when asked by one of the bosses, they just wouldn’t. But as a tea-drinker, yeah, I’ll admit I wouldn’t be too careful about it when I was asked to make coffee, using the wrong measure or using decaf, just so I wouldn’t be asked to make it again very soon.

  2. Pam says:

    I would say once in a blue moon you will catch a woman making coffee in my office, for two reasons. 1. I am the only person in my office that has a regular schedule and I don’t drink coffee. I used to make it and it would go to waste, but not anymore! 2. I work at a coffee roaster/distributor and people are very picky about what type of coffee is made, so they would rather make their own coffee and get to choose the roast than leave it up to me.

  3. June says:

    My last workplace got fed up with the “who makes the coffee?” issue and got those Krups single cup coffee makers. Solved the issue right away!

  4. Intern Vanessa says:

    Hearing these stories just makes me glad that we do coffee runs. Perhaps the guys do the coffee runs more often than the women interns. I will have to take note. =)

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