The 7 Kinds of Breakups

breakup The 7 Kinds of Breakups

All breakups suck, but some are definitely worse than other.  Marie Claire has decided to rank them, so here they are from shortest recovery time to longest recovery time…

7) THE MUTUAL BREAKUP. Obviously, this one’s the easiest, because both of you agree to do it.  Maybe you both feel bad that things didn’t work out.  But at least you’re on the same page.

6) THE CIRCUMSTANTIAL BREAKUP.  Sometimes you both want to stay together, but you just live too far apart, or you don’t get along with each other’s friends.

-It’s pretty easy to get over this one because you can blame the breakup on something else, not your own failures or weaknesses.

5) THE ULTIMATUM BREAKUP.  It’s when one person says, “do this, or I’m leaving,” but the other person isn’t willing to do it.  Ultimatum breakups can be tough to get over because you know you could have prevented it.

-But it’s also a relief because you don’t have to do the thing they wanted you to do.

4) THE ‘SOMETHING SOMEONE SAID’ BREAKUP.  This is when ONE THING that someone says causes a breakup.  And it’s tough because the person who said it wishes they could take it back, and the other person wishes they could too.

3) THE ‘I’VE BEEN CHEATING’ BREAKUP.  It’s easy at first because you can blame it all on  the person who cheated.  But then you spend the next few months feeling stupid about being the person who was cheated on.

(Then maybe they’ll deliver a robotic apology.)

2) THE ‘FIRST LOVE’ BREAKUP.  The first time you get dumped by someone you really care about is hard.  And some people think you NEVER really get over it.

1) THE BLIND SIDE.  It’s the hardest breakup to get over because it comes out of nowhere.  If everything feels perfect, then the other person says they want it to end, it’s hard to rebound from that.  And it takes a while to trust people again.


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