What’s going on party people? Antonio here with a new season of Team in Training. As some of you may know I participated in America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride in June. 100 mile bike race around Lake Tahoe…HA! NOTHING! Didn’t even break a sweat!…How about a REAL challenge?

Marathon? Yeah right, I said a challenge, not a deathwish.

Climbing? Maybe in another life

Swimming?…hmm…go on…

Triathlon?….NOW YOU’RE TALKIN!

One of the great things about TnT is that they really encourage you to “get out of your comfort zone”…Well, in my case, they’re really trying to do that. They sent over an example of one of the training outfits for me to try out and maybe take a picture in to post on this blog. Being a pretty big guy I figured…hey, XL would be great. I can fit that, EASY!…To give you an idea of how tiny and tight this thing is,I put my dog in it… He’s 65lbs. I’m 220.

In all seriousness, I’m really looking forward to partipating in Team in Training this season. I’m going to be doing the Lavaman Triathlon in Hawaii in March 2010. I’ve been without a bicycle for nearly two months (sold it when I was in Germany…yes, I was in Germany…yes I brought my bike out there…and YES it was amazing) and have been fiending to ride again…aside from being without my best friend in the world (the bike) I’ve put on a few pounds. Apparently all food and beer and no excercise means that you just pack it on. Weird. So I’m really really really excited to pick it up and ride again.

It’ll be ready next week and I am super juiced about riding again. BIG SHOUT OUT TO MARTIN AND ALL THE BOYS AT SUNSHINE BICYCLES IN FAIRFAX! Those guys hooked it up fat and are great dudes! Hit them up and they’ll take good care of you.

The training starts November 7th and I’m trying to get back into SOME form of shape…(round is a shape right?). Being an avid bicyclist, I’m not too worried about the bicycling part so much as the 2k swim prior and 10k run after that’s got me thinking: “Hey buddy, put down the cheetos and pick up an apple”

I’ll be heading to an informational meeting on October 7th where we’ll meet the coaches and be inspired to help in any way that we can. Although I don’t think I’ll need any more inspiration. I’m still high from last season. One of the many memories I’ve taken with me from that whole experience was one of our honorees, when talking about how difficult the training can be at times, said “Everytime the climbs get hard, I just think to myself: hey it beats a needle in the arm”….very powerful and humbling.

Hearing some of the stories from people who’ve survived the fight against blood cancer…and even those who didn’t is a serious motivator; not just to get off your butt and make changes in your own life, but to go out and help those who can’t help themselves. Seeing the faces of families and survivors and friends smiling and waving and cheering us on when climbing up hills or tearing down the streets is such a huge reward that you’ll feel endebted when the experience is over.

If even one of you who’s reading this is inspired to join the fight, then I think that’s a pretty good job. Even if you can’t participate in an event, you can still support those who do. Stay tuned for ways you can help (by donating) and also for updates on my training and the experience through my eyes.

Until the next transmission….


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