Vinnie’s Biography

Weekdays 5:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Hey it’s Vinnie. The station wants a new bio for the website so here goes …

I grew up in So Cal, surfing, skateboarding, playing guitar and listening to punk rock. The first job I consistently showed up for was at a surf shop called Surfside Sports in Newport Beach, maybe you know it? I moved South after I graduated from Irvine High and lived all over San Diego in my 10 years there. I started working at South Coast surf shop in OB while going to Mira Costa College and that’s where I made connections that eventually led to radio…. My first job in radio was doing surf reports was on Rock 102.1 which later became Rock 105.3. My first big radio move was to Philadelphia where “Sarah and Vinnie” started, on WDRE Philly’s Modern Rock 103.9. WDRE sold and flipped formats but we moved to San Francisco and do our thing where you hear us today. I’m proud to say that Sarah is still my partner and I’ve never felt more at home than in the Bay Area. I still surf, skateboard and play guitar every chance I get and I still love doing radio. I’m a happy dude.

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