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UZETTE – Morning Show Producer

Uzette’s Biography
December 08, 2014

UZETTE – Morning Show Executive Producer
I grew up in the awesome neighborhood of Noe Valley in San Francisco. Went to St. Paul’s then on to City College of San Francisco then off to SF State. I am a third generation dj and always knew broadcasting was for me. Before working with Sarah & Vinnie (the first time)- I worked at KCBS Radio and KGO-TV. I worked with S&V for five years then I worked at KZQZ before leaving the Bay Area and going to the Fresno area. It was there that I did a morning hip hop show then a midday classic rock show. After getting tired of smelling the cows all day I went to Sacramento and worked at The End. After that, I finally made my way back home and worked with Don Bleu! And then…..I did news and traffic for several stations before coming back to CBS and jocking at MOVIN 99.7……I was back in the building and little did I know I would end up where it all started…back with my buddies-Sarah & Vinnie. Home at last!!!!!!

I am married to a wonderful man and we have a sweet Chihuahua. What I enjoy most is working—all right-what I enjoy most is sleeping and watching the worst television shows. I love those dumb reality shows-all the housewives, all the Bravo tv stuff along with any of the ID Channel shows.

Lately I am into a little adventure: boxing class, indoor rock climbing class, zip lining and stand up paddle boarding and even aqua zumba! In the New Year I hope to do a lot more cooking.

Comments (33)
  1. Chuck A. Ontiveros says:


    You’re the best producer. The most talented, the hardest working, the sharpest, the wittiest, with the cutest smile and laugh and uh, sorry I got distracted by your awesome boobs. What was I saying?


  2. Patrick says:

    Hello, I listen to you every morning driving to work at UC Berkeley and you are smoking hot with a great smile and sexy voice. Take care..

  3. Autumn says:

    I love me some U…Z…E…T,T…E. Your laugh makes me smile EVERY time. You are such an inspiration to us girls, thank you!

  4. Corvette Cindy says:

    Love you Uzette! I love your voice and your laugh, but especially your candor. I did find it odd that the car that you want to own is the very car that you smashed to pieces with a baseball bat after you found that your fling was cheating on you! So tell me……was HIS Mustang navy blue or was he lucky that he moved in time so that his panty-fruits didn’t turn navy blue??? LOL

  5. Brandy says:

    Uzette…I love that your on the morning show…you have a great laugh…it makes me laugh :0)

  6. Gary says:


    Hello. You are one of my favs on the show! You are so innocent in your immediate laughs in responses to stuff Sarah or Vinnie say.
    You are lucky. I have heard you say on air about how you would like be smaller (upstairs), but you know, if your husband is happy, who cares? I am guessing that maybe it is some on air fun.
    I enjoyed today you stopping Vinnie going on and telling him it was time for commercial break already already.
    Are you in charge on the show taking the breaks for commercials everyday? If so, you got it.
    I drive a truck and start at 5 am. After I get started, I tune in after 5:48 or so when they go live. I like you telling some time ago about being told “you go live in ‘about 5 min.'” Indeed. Tell me exactly. So, is that better now? It seems so, but you seem to start a little later sometimes.
    I chose to email you because I earlier emailed Vinnie and also Hooman and NEVER heard back.


  7. Henry Ochs (a.k.a. Hammerin Hank) says:

    My name is Henry Ochs(a.k.a. Hammerin Hank) and I’m interested in being a guest DJ (or an intern) on The Sarah and Vinnie Show. I’m currently attending Ohlone College in Fremont, California, where I’m serving as an on-air personality at the campus radio station 89.3 KOHL! I already hold two fast track certificates in radio on-air talent and also in radio studio operations. I have previous radio experience working at KYLD in San Francisco, where I served as an on-air personality and also a street promotions team member. Enclosed is a copy of my resume and an mp3 aircheck for your review. I look forward to talking to you soon.

    Your buddy,
    Henry Ochs (a.k.a. Hammerin Hank)

  8. Colleen says:

    Uzette kinda looks like Björk, no?

  9. Ernesto says:

    Ha! I get dressed at 6:30am and often times find out around 10am @ my workplace bathroom mirror that my shirt is on backwards or inside out….AND non of my co-workers or “friends” told me so! ack!

  10. Corky Carol says:

    You rock…cowgirl. – Corky

  11. Roxy says:

    Hey Uzette! I couldn’t help, when watching World Cup soccer over the weekend seeing all of the players take there shirts off at the end of the game, saying “Take your shirt off, show us what ya got.” My husband thinks I am nuts! I tried to find a sound bite of this, is there one?

  12. Ted says:

    Are you the same Uzette S. that produced S&V back before No Name? Uzette isn’t that common a name but you sound different. Sorry, but I haven’t listened much since Vinnie left.

  13. donnerparty says:


  14. jackie blue says:

    I just heard the last part of, I think it was you, talking about John’s loss. Condolences. I lost some close recently and it does get better. Hang it there.

  15. lonnie says:

    a story you spoke of helped some others nad just wanted to say thank you …

  16. Champie says:

    You would make a really cute Janice Joplin.

  17. Michelle says:

    Swear this works! Use pantyhose to wipe off deodorant that gets on your clothes. Don’t ask me why, but it takes that white crap right off!

  18. steve smith says:


    I’ve been listening to this show for a while now and I wish you’d speak more often. I can’t tell you how much I love your voice. You have the most sultry voice I’ve ever heard and I gotta say this, but after I hear you speak, I know my day is gonna be OK. If I had a penny for each time I fell in love with a girl’s voice – I’d be stinking poor. That’s how much I love your voice. You rock.


  19. T says:

    I love hearing your laugh throughout the morning show and the secret show. I love that I can hear you getting more nervous during the secret show as it gets dirtier and dirtier. I absolutely love you, good luck on the new house!!!

  20. audrey says:

    You are so pretty I listen to you guys every morning on the way to work,you have a great personality too..Have a great day

  21. JT says:

    Regarding your Charlie Sheen Ticket Contest – why don’t your include a Troll Doll that can be thrown on the stage when leaving in disappointment. Just a thought.
    Keep up the good work.

  22. Yolanda says:

    About yesterday’s
    After 1 year of marriage I would write notes on my husbands napkins when I made his lunch after a week I asked him are u reading my notes he says what notes I said on your napkin I have been leaving you little messages he says I used my napkin to wipe my mouth. Ass hole
    Yoli from Berkeley

  23. Danny says:

    hey you your a great to the show ev 1 makes the show you guy are like one but all of you love them and your laff uztte lol i like your laff lol

  24. Danny says:

    hey you if i didnt tell you you your hot with a sexyy voice …. dount get me wrong sarah hot but your your laff mmmmmmmmm wow make laff more pls lol lol 408

  25. 408 says:

    uzette hey just want to say the alice crew is so good you guys are like one and a team thats works good together but i have to your laff is nice like hearing it when im on the job you guys keep up the good work

  26. 408 says:

    ss didnt know if you got my mess lol lol

  27. 408 says:

    hey you like i said before talk more your vioce and laff is sooooooooooooo wow your husband i lucky to have you but talk more on the show love your voice

  28. LONNIE says:

    hello uzzette … i am writing to say thank you for your part of the show about your discussing your own medical condition in regards this was years ago nad you may not remember but i was listening to your radio show that day and heard your words in regards to female uterine fibriods.. since that day many htings have ahppened in the medical words and i am glad that your words were made possible to hear… for now there are much more medical technologies as a result of stories just like your own.. only because someone who could do something was able to hear about some one in needs more are being helped today cause of being able to know nad understand such things are indeed needed by others nad they too are caredabout by someone… thank you so much for hwat you have said and for being able to have the ABILITY FOR OTHERS TO SOMETIMES LEARN ABOUT THINGS NAD SUCH NEEDS OF OTHERS AND TO BE ABLEW FOR THEMSELVES TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO ANOTHER.. AGIAN I THANK YOU AND FOR SUCH TO HAVE MY OWN WAY OF DOING SOMETHING IN MY OWN LIFE.. TAKE CARE…

  29. breh says:

    I’d do her.. 😎

  30. breh says:

    What the !@#$ is Ickey’s real name. It’s like trying to find (Como) Kramer’s real name. I’ve never heard it on your show. Is he wanted in another State? …just kidding, I enjoy your show, and I’d still do Uzette.

  31. I was just about to ask if you party but, never mind, this bio takes care of all my follow-up questions.

  32. luke says:

    i never listen to radio much but for the past few months i have been driving to fairfield early in the morning and have had the pleasure of listening to the show the highlight for me is your laugh its great

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