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Sarah is from “Back East,” the Boston area (south shore, not the more desirable north shore) where she grew up the eldest daughter and also the eldest of all her cousins, making her intolerable in her bossiness. She likes to say she was the “leader” and that “nothing would have ever gotten done without her ‘leadership'” but her siblings and cousins say she was a tyrant who cried if she couldn’t have her way (which means she never cried because, let’s face it, Sarah always gets her way).

Sarah went to Johnson & Wales College for one year and then she discovered she could make money singing and pretending to play guitar. So, she did that for a few years. After a few brushes with what you might call “the dark side,” she was forced to move back in with her parents and get a job in her dad’s factory. (She was only in her early 20’s at that point, and it’s not like she was living in the basement playing video games, besides, some girls live at home until they’re married, so it’s not like she had anything to be ashamed of, so it’s kinda weird that she felt like such a loser!)

While working at her dad’s factory (which sucked! – quality control and packing and shipping little tiny painted parts for computer motherboards – or whatever – who could even tell what those stupid little things were!) she would listen to Charles Laquidara on WBCN. It was the first time she had really paid attention to the radio (except in 5th grade when she and her best friend, Julmarie Homer, had spent weeks calling JB105 trying to get them to play Dan Fogelberg’s “Longer” and finally one of the DJ’s yelled at them and called them stupid kids and told them to quit calling constantly) and she really found herself influenced by a certain commercial she heard over and over again. (See potential clients? Radio Advertising Works!)

The commercial in question was for the Connecticut School of Broadcasting (located in Massachusetts – maybe it was just a branch?) and Sarah signed up. (her parents paid – thanks mom & dad!) She emerged three months later with a “demo tape” (on an actual Memorex cassette – old people will understand) and landed an internship with Charles’ show on ‘BCN.

The rest is a lot of right place, right time and willingness to move around the country. Luckily, Sarah was in a band at the time called Joe Rockhead and wound up married to the guitar player, John. Somehow, he has stuck it out with her and found ways to trick her into thinking things are her idea while always seeming to get his own way. (She gives up.) She spent time at Q96FM in Orlando, FL (with no air conditioning in her car – boo freaking hoo!), part time at KLOS in Los Angeles (arrived just in time for the riots, got out just in time to miss the Northridge quake), landed her first full time gig in St. Louis, MO at “The Point” (started in middays, moved to afternoons and finally begged her way into mornings – yay!), WDRE in Philadelphia where she first met and worked with Vinnie Hasson (known at the time as Vinnie Crackhorn – he used to think he was named after Jimmy Crackcorn – we had to break it to him – sad day) and finally to Alice@97.3 where she’s been since 1997, many thousands of years ago. (I’m amazed you’re still reading this, I’m boring myself silly.)

She has two kids, two cats, two eyes, a hangnail and occasional gas. Love, Sarah

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One Comment

  1. Chuck A. Ontiveros says:

    Hey Sarah,
    I just noticed you hadn’t any comments so I wanted to soil your reputation by asking you to respond in Vietnamese.


  2. Autumn says:

    Hey Sarah,
    I love your direct, honest, and sharp witt. You always seem to say exactly what’s on my mind. Thanks for getting up at 4AM to shine some ‘Sarah’ on the Bay Area!! You rock!

  3. brandee says:

    Sara, I think you are great! Level headed, funny, and cute to boot.

  4. Rudi says:

    thanks so much for helping me to get through my work day.

  5. Gretchen says:

    Hi Sarah!
    I’m a HUGE fan! I heard Vinnie mention this morning that you quit smoking! I quit in January using Chantix—best thing I ever did, although it’s STILL Tuff Stuff! When did you quit AND how are you doing w/it?

  6. lux says:

    Sarah –

    Can I tell you how much I miss you guys. I moved to Denver and the only morning show that is worth listening to is John J and Rich out of San Diego. I am so sick and tired of listening to John J’s new cycling passion. I just found the app to listen live on my iphone I am so stoked. And not to mention I am moving back to the bay… Can wait to have you guys in my life again… especially you sarah! Much love here from Denver

  7. Shelly says:

    Please Please, one more time, the name of that “free” app!! that tracks the miles you walk. I am such a computer dork, and I cannot see it anywhere!

  8. Greg says:

    I love your impressions Sarah, there hilarious! You should think about doing stand up comedy.

  9. Cherie says:

    Sarah….I have been listening to you and Vinnie every Tuesday and Friday mornings for almost a year and a half. You guy’s are always so interesting and funny. But I have to say, neither one of you look like I thought you would. Funny.

  10. Ernesto says:

    Love you guys….and kinda miss your late night T.V. thing….I was in chemo @ the time and it really helped keep me laughin…you guys (all of youz) make my mornings better!

  11. Meghan says:

    Sarah, your love of girls’ boobs juxtaposed with your parental level headedness make me suspect we were separated at birth. Thanks for making me laugh my mf’ing ass off every day with you and sweet Vinnie, whom I am SO happy to have back.

  12. sweetnothin says:

    c’mon sarah and vinnie, 50 cent looks likes dave chappelle or dmx?! so all black people DO look alike. good grief. is this san francisco or arizona?

  13. Rhonda says:

    Since my move out of CA. I do miss you two. I bought a CD you guys made a long time ago titled “Sarah & Vinnie 5 Years of Spills (& Thrills) and listen to it often – I always get a laugh out of it. Are other CD’s out that I have overlooked? If not, you guys should produce another one.

  14. Mike says:

    Sarah, I stopped listening to you guys since I moved back in the city and didn’t have a commute anymore. Well, I have started listening to you lately at work and I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed. I feel that all you talk about is day old Perez Hilton topics. I wish you’d be a little more original and cutting edge. Also, Lori Singer was on the original Footloose, not IONE SKYE like you said on air.

  15. Phily says:

    Hey Sarah, me and my Honey just went and saw Grown Ups. This flic was a howl!!!!!! I understood that you guys did not give this movie a good review. wasup with that , You can laugh all the way through it. Then walk out to your ride and laugh again, sorry you guys din’t like it . Thanks for the great Review of this one, next time I might just stick with my gut and see it anyways. LMAO!!!!!!!

  16. Patrick Kenneavy says:

    The best part of working from home is being able to listen to Sarah and Vinnie again. I love it – Sarah I love your impressions in fact I can’t get enough! When you going to announce Now and Zen 2010?? Patrick Kenneavy

  17. Chamin says:

    I love your working mom banter and stories. Let me know when Pacific Catch can bring you a Hawaiian Poke breakfast. I’ve tried many times. See you at OSL in 2 weeks!

  18. Liv says:

    HI Sarah. I finally read The Art of Racing in the Rain and I absolutely LOVED IT! I finished it in like a day. So good. Thanks for the recommendation.

  19. Barbara Garcia says:

    Sarah, you and your crew keep me busting up on my atrocious commute from San Jose To San Rafael everyday. I laugh and agree with most of what you comment on. We have very similar beliefs. Just a big thank you for the joy you bring to a tired, overworked commuter. And the boob song was tooo funny!!!

  20. JK says:

    I often listen to your morning show. This morning (30th) the topic of NutMeg hiring an illegal worker came up. You guys went out of your way to defend her, and that everyone has hired one at some point. That is not the issue. The issue is NutMeg campaigning against illegals and then hiring one. But you knew that! Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good hypocracy huh? Stay off political topics unless you can do justice to it.

  21. Valerie says:

    CC: Sarah

    Hooman—either update your twitter “sarah and no name” ahem….or delete the account…mr. lover all things social….I heard the movie review today….FAIL in the Twitter world of social networking!! Get on it!

  22. Donna Lane says:

    I’m a loyal listener who has made criticisms in the past but still listen because of you and your quick wit. This is to complain that you pronounce the word “tour” “tore” instead of toor. Is that an east coast pronunciation? Shouldn’t you pronounce it the way we do here in the S.F. Bay Area?

  23. Rajak Ali says:

    Sarah – I sent you a message on Facebook regarding the best Hair Salon in Mill Valley. IT’s called Edwards Salon and it’s located right next door to Piati’s Restaraunt. Edward is excellent and I think you should try him, since you are a local Southern Marinite. Give him a call for an appointment 415.381.1950. Have a great day – Rajak

  24. Mr. Littée says:

    Dear Sarah: I Laughed when you kept whistling and making the “hoo-hoo” sound when describing the Killer Whale’s 10footer buoy marker. Almost crashed, and could just picture me filling out the police report why I lost control of the vehicle. You have talent!

  25. caeden says:

    re: 12/9/10 – 9min secret show: Don’t let people’s mean comments get to you. I admit, I did react with the selfish “What? Only 9 freakin’ minutes?!” but NEVER did I think that you were a baby or anything like that. You’re entitled to days like that.

    I have been listening since you guys started (I won’t say the exact number of years), and without you, I’d be at a loss. I am coping with depression and in my sobriety/recovery, I NEED you guys to keep my spirits up. Thank you to all of you on the show. Especially you though Sarah. You’re always my favorite 🙂 OFOC – caeden

  26. Michael says:

    Hello Sarah! I’m a new listener Santa Clara CA just 45 mins from the City by the Bay aka my hometown as well. I love your radio show after the fact my wife tunes in every single moring bout 5am to wake her up. Since I work swing shift radio noise is the last in my mind until I caught myself laughing in my sleep listening to random topics of the day and I’m force to wakeup. You and Vinny are so funny good tag team on the radio. It like getting a double shot of espresso listening to both of you. Thank you!! Like every radio fan I would like to ask if you can play something from Michael Jackson new c.d “Michael” maybe tomorrow morning about 7:00am if possible. Btw my 3 daughters love your show as well 2,6, 8 as they get ready for school.

  27. Camille says:

    you rock – I tune in to hear you, but sometimes driven away by Vinnie’s comments :(. I come back every now and again to see what new thing you’re into :).

  28. Shannon says:

    Dear Sarah, what can I say. You take the cake when it comes to having something to say! You have the talent for saying it ALL so well and wonderfully without missing a beat! I admire your zest, verve, and spunk lady! Thank you for starting my days in 2010 with a little irreverent fun and of course the music. You give us real eye opening converstation to listen to on occasion. When dozing after hitting snooze on the alarm, you’ll pipe up with a real gem of a comment that will just wake me right up, “did she just say that on the radio?!” You take us out of dreamland, into playland, and on our way to the days of work, chores, or when we’re lucky, moments of our own R and R playtime … feeling a little less serious, worried, pent up, and burdoned with concerns of the fracas of life. You give us a brighter side of life (sometimes the under belly of life too!) and reality check for those who sometimes really need a little kick in the pants once in awhile. I know that is wrong, so wrong, but … thinking it isn’t bad. You have GREAT energy. What kind of coffee do you drink?!

  29. Tanya says:

    Magnolia, Gardenia
    These are also my favorite flowers.. when I would start dating a guy he would look to get me a vase filled with Gardenias… then say what the hell do they look like I can’t find them… I would say they grow on a bush, buy me the whole plant! =] Loooove the smell!

  30. Kenneth Mcrae says:

    Hi Sarah, you all make me laugh in the mornings, thanks.I live in Santa Rosa. Also you look cute.

  31. Kenneth Mcrae says:

    Sarah ur very cute

  32. Genevieve says:

    Oatmeal no raisins!! Yes finally somebody who gets it.

  33. Ellen says:

    Sarah – you are so adorable!! I listen to you and Vinnie every morning on my way to work. I love your bio! Keep doing what you’re doing – you’re great!! I have listened to you guys for a year and have never viewed your website. Just hearing your voice I had pictured you looking like Mary Louise Parker and I wasn’t far off!! 🙂 I was really surprised to see Vinnie because I thought he would have been very thin with short dark hair and very preppy. I’m not disappointed, he’s very, very attractive and I love his voice. Have a great day!

  34. patrick kenneavy says:

    just checking out sarah and vinnie. flattered to see a comment i made of you/crew in mid/late 2010 was on your site. you/vinnie and crew are almost the best part of the day – 1st or 2nd to swimming hardcore laps (therapy) at some point of the day. thank you for making me smile! wish you guys would come back on line for 20+ after 9:30am as I can not get enough.

  35. Kamy says:

    Hey, my sister and I love The Secret Garden, too! I haven’t been able to find anyone else who likes it (or has seen it) until now.

  36. Anne says:

    Love you Sarah…long time listener.. you make me laugh so hard…you are the best.. so glad you got your Vin back.

  37. Champie says:

    Are you showing a bit of something in the Group Home Page Photo Sarah?

  38. Champie says:

    Sarah seems to be showing a bit of something in the group photo.

  39. gurl says:

    Sarah your my favorite since day one of Feb. ’97was just about to have my first kid and just can relate to your life. This parenting is definitely fun and hard at the same time. This show would never have gone this long without you. Happy 14yr !

  40. Carla says:

    often you complain about hair, but look at yourself baby, I don’t know if the do is recent on the pics but you need another bangs, they make you look old

  41. Joe says:

    Not sure why I came across your page. Wanted to say hi from your cousin on the east coast. WDRE bumper sticker is still on Andrew’s bedroom door. He and Carrie are both doing great.Tell the boys Marilyn and I say hi.

  42. Mentor says:

    Met someone today who worked with Billy West back at BCN in the late 80’s; small world, eh?

  43. Franko says:

    Hey Sarah
    I just found out from a younger co-worker that you are”THEE SARAH CLARK”. From an old admirer in San Antonio by way of St. Louis. Will be in touch soon. Funny stuff last Friday. Say hi to John.

  44. Burgious pronounced Bergess says:

    Sarah, Vinnie is not doing justice to how great the food is at Frascati. This place is great! My wife and I were married there in 2007, The owners Jon and Rebecca Rader are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. Jon and head chef Mike Pawlik used to run the Scala’s restaurant in the Sir Francis Drake Hotel and they make the food to “taste” instead of your usual bland boutique style places. Rebecca is not just another pretty face, she is an award winning pastry chef. They change their menu often and the recently opened a new place near Lombard. Team Food really should check them out,

  45. Patrick Kenneavy says:

    Hi Sarah – You are the best part of the day. Wish the show was longer. Maybe I should wake up earlier? Say, I know Vinnie is obsessed with Adele – have him check out Adele covering “Promise This”. It’s so good! Here’;s the link:

  46. Arthur says:

    Adele can sign. Too bad she has those growths on her eyes.

  47. Dot says:

    Sarah…Vietnamese? I know Bridgewater, grew up in Braintree and can’t figure out how you got an interest in such a difficult (and in MA) obscure language! I’m very impressed. Love to listen. You make me laff wicked hahd!

  48. Dina R. Harvey says:

    Sarah and Vinny,
    So for years I have been listening to your show on the way to work. Funny how you have a picture in your mind of how people look (or want to look). I for the first time looked at your website and read your bio’s… It is reassuring to know I was REALLY WRONG about what “I thought” you both looked like. I am happy to say, “you both are beautiful and have very inviting smiles”! Thanks for your great shows. You both just make the commute worth the while.

    My best, Dina Harvey

  49. Rick says:

    A Camp Yomechas reference? Small world. Worked there back in 85 through 87. Were you a camper or counselor?

  50. Ren Car says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I have been listening to your show for the past 6 years and this is the first time I have seen your picture. Wow! You are one hot momma! I love your morning show and couldn’t get enough of you guys. You are so hilarious, especially Vinny and Hooman. Scott is way too hilarious every time he is a guest on your show. I was surprised when I finally saw Vinny’s picture. His voice sound like he’s only in his mid to late 20s. I also thought that he and No name were the same person as they have the same exact voice and sense of humor. Keep up the good work, and thank you for entertaining me every morning on my hour and a half drive to work. You guys rock!

  51. Art says:

    RE: Apple’s rise vs. IBM’s fall… IBM is one of the largest companies in the world, certainly bigger than Apple (in terms of revenue, in FY2010 IBM’s revenue was $100B vs. Apple’s revenue of $65B). IBM made a strategic decision to not rely on consumer products which has allowed it to remain a powerhouse for the greater part of the last century while Apple blows in the wind alongside consumer sentiment (lately profitable, but for many years, not).

  52. Nancy says:


    Last week you mentioned a list of 5 books a listener said you needed to read. Can you post that list? Thanks.

  53. tracy says:

    Hey Sarah, What was the name of the book you mentioned on today’s show? You said it was really good, but creepy.

  54. luke says:

    sarah what is your favorite video game and how often to you play

  55. Michael P. says:

    Hey Sarah, Michael here from Sactown. I was just listening to your and Vinnie discussing developing old footage of super 8 & 16mm film and how expensive it is. I had the same problem with a mess load of reels of films in cannisters that were discovered in my partners grandmothers house that were from the 40s & 50s. It was super 8 as well as 16mm and in all it was about 1635 feet of film and I was going to send it off to Kansas City to be deveoped but found out that Costco does it at GREAT prices. They charge $17.50 for the first 150 feet then .11 cents per foot after that. They clean the film and transfer it all onto dvd with music optional and free also as well as program titles. I was blown away by the quality and you can just drop it off and fill out a small form and they count the feet & process it and they email you when it’s ready to be picked up. It’s all so darn simple that’s why I don’t mind reccomending it to you. You guys are great and I enjoy listening to you. Have a great day.

  56. sampson simpson!! says:

    Hey Sarah! I’m a 26 yo devastatingly average looking short man with a big one and I just have to say I have fallen in love with your humor and voice listening to your morning show. Definitely don’t look like what you sound like but still you make me so wet when I hear you in the morning (yes I’m such a dude). You are freakin’ hilarious. I got beef with women though. Please explain why are some women into me but wont date me cuz I’m too short. I’m only 5’6” is that THAT short???!!! WTF!!!! I flirt and flirt and I enjoy working harder if you know what I mean. I’m not a bad lay. Are tall beautiful women insecure to date a short average guy?
    -Sampson Simpson

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